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Robidoux Inc

Monster Mint Cookie Ground Coffee

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Destroy your morning to-do list with a delicious cup of Monster Mint Cookie. With bold flavors of mint chocolate cookies and a hint of fudge, this coffee will satisfy your taste buds and help you tackle your day. This is a mint cookies lover’s dream in a cup! Specifications: • Flavor: Monster Mint Cookie • Bold Flavors of Mint Chocolate Cookies and a Hint of Fudge More about our Coffee! Ruby Brew Coffee is roasted with manual roasters in small batches by roastmasters trained to use their eyes, ears, and nose to determine the final roast levels. It is a medium roast that helps to preserve acidity as well as the caffeine content. Our Flavored coffee has no calories, no nutrients, and no sugar. We package using valve bags to keep oxygen out. The valve allows CO2 to escape without letting air in so the coffee remains fresh longer.


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